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Public Hearing
November 16th, at 7:00p.m.
Public Service Center
8477 Rd 7.7
Dove Creek, CO 81324
Dolores Canyon Solar LLC and JSI Construction Group LLC
To Construct a 110MWac solar project on leased private property in Dolores County

Basic Snow Load Design Table

Roof Snow Load Requirements in Pounds Per Square Foot (PSF)


Elevation (feet above sea level) Basic Snow Load (PSF)   Elevation Basic Snow Load (PSF)
6,500 to 6,750 35   9,001 to 9,250 85
6,751 to 7,000 40 9,251 to 9,500 90
7,001 to 7,250 45 9,501 to 9,750 95
7,251 to 7,500 50 9,751 to 10,000 100
7,501 to 7,750 55 10,001 to 10,250 110
7,751 to 8,000 60 10,251 to 10,500 120
8,001 to 8,250 65 10,501 to 10,750 128
8,251 to 8,500 70 10,751 to 11,000 135
8,501 to 8,750 75 11,001 to 11,500 150
8,751 to 9,000 80 N/A  


*The Snow Load requirements for a specific property can be found on Clear Map, the County online mapping service at the ClearMap website.


Dolores Solar Canyon

Dolores Canyon Solar Application Cover Letter

Dolores Canyon Solar Dolores County Site Specific Development Plan

Appendix 1 Land Development Agreement Application Form

Appendix 1A Project Landowner Contacts

Appendix 1B Project Parcels Information

Appendix 2 Site Plan

Appendix 2 Site Plan Gentie Detail

Appendix 3 One Half Mile Ownership Land Use Map

Appendix 3A Landowners within One Half Mile of LDA Parcels

Appendix 3B One Half Mile Land Use Map

Appendix 4 Ownership Consent

Appendix 5 Topographic Interconnection Attributes

Appendix 6 One Half Mile Non Participant Residences

Appendix 7 Typical Shed Elevation

Appendix 8 Typical Sign and Gate Detail

Appendix 9 Project Substation Preliminary

Appendix 10 Notice of Land Use Change Before Planning Commission Sample Letter

Appendix 11 Notice of Public Hearing Before Planning Commission Sample Text

Appendix 12 SME Phase I ESA

Appendix 12A SME Phase I ESA

Appendix 12B SME Phase I ESA

Appendix 12C SME Phase I ESA

Appendix 15 WEST Inc Noxious Weed Management Plan

Appendix 16 Decommissioning Plan

Appendix 17 Dove Creek Volunteer Fire Department Station Map

Appendix 18 Colorado State Forest Service Letter

Appendix 19 Fire Protection Plan

Appendix 20 Dust Suppression Plan

Appendix 21 Transportation Access Routes

Appendix 22 Project Traffic Routing Levels of Service Map

Appendix 23 Traffic Estimates Table

Appendix 24 FEMA Flood Hazard Map

Appendix 25 Terracon Geotechnical Report

Appendix 26 Terracon Pull Testing Report

Appendix 27 Elk and Deer Migration Corridors within Project Area

Appendix 28 USFWS No Concern Letter

Appendix 29 Project Area Public Lands Map

Appendix 30 FAA Notice Criteria Tool Result

Dolores Canyon Solar Decommissioning Plan

Dolores Canyon Solar Road Use Plan

Road Use Plan Appendix 1 Traffic Estimates Table

Road Use Plan Appendix 2 Project Area Traffic Plan Map

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Chairperson: Margret Webb
Vice Chair: Nadine Funk
Secretary: Linda McCart
Board Members: Wynn McGrenera, Sally Cooper, Donna Bracket, Gloria Klein, Shari Richardson, Beverly Pilon, Elaine Rockwell, Barbara Saunders, Julie Kibel


Mayor: Barbara Betts
Mayor Pro Tem: Nicole Pieterse
Trustees: Joe Croke, Joe Dillsworth, Pat Fallon, Brandy Fallon, Steven Robers

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Rico Town Mayor: Patrick Fallon
Trustees: Barbara Betts, Sophia Kyriakakis, Keith Lindauer, Nicole Pieterse, Stephen Roberts, Genevieve Yellowman

Contact: Erin Johnson

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Chairperson: Michael Fury
Vice Chairperson: Rick Deremo
Secretary: John Humphreys
Board Members: Levi Garchar, Jay Allen

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President: Steve Davis
Board Members: Joe Saunders, Ray Smith, Linda Rehmert
Secretary: Stacy Hankins
Caretakers: Brett and Mary Martin

Board Members: Rodney Johnson, Berlinda Johnson, Jay Johnson