Application for Subdivision Exemption

Click to view the policy on subdivision exemptions along with the PDF application form.

Buyers Address as it will appear on the dead for the parcel
  1. That they are responsible for filing a proper and complete application, including (a) the correct name and address of the owner or owners of record as they appear in the records on file at the office of the Dolores County Clerk & Recorder and (b) the correct name and address of the buyer or buyers of the parcel or parcels, which will be used as Grantee upon the Deed, PROVIDING A VESTED DEED, ALONG WITH ANY OTHER DEEDS DEALING WITH THIS PROPERTY FOR THE LAST FIVE YEARS, and for complying with the standards and requirements contained in the Dolores County Policy on Subdivision Exemptions, which by this reference is made a part of this application, and any resulting resolution, unless expressly stated otherwise in such resolution.
  2. If subsequent examination discloses that there are errors in the information provided by the applicant in this application, the Board of County Commissioners may, in its discretion, require correction of the errors and grant an additional resolution upon payment of an additional fee and recording fees to be determined by the Board of County Commissioners. Any further consequential effects of correcting the errors shall be the sole responsibility of the applicant.
  3. The applicant shall sign, date and pay the fees at time of submission.