Weed Control District

Weeds are spreading in the whole state. Although they may look pretty, they are displacing native plants and wildflowers that wildlife depends on and invading our farm ground.

There are over 300 weeds on the State noxious Weed List, the District's main focus is on Canadian, Musk, and other Thistles, Leafy Spurge, Diffuse, Knapweed, Bindweed, Oxye, Daisy, Dalmatian Toadflax, Musk Thistle, Russian Knapweed, Spotted Knapweed, Western Whorled Milkweed, White Top, Hounds Tongue, Dyers Woad.

Noxious weeds are weeds that have been deemed invasive and / or dangerous to a certain area or animals. These weeds are usually aggressive and can take over an area if not controlled with the correct procedures. Therefore, in Dolores County, there is a Mandatory Weed Control District. This organization is responsible for controlling noxious weeds in all of Dolores County, including subdivisions.

Dove Creek Mandatory Weed Control District brochure

Oma Fleming

409 N Main
Dove Creek, CO 81324



Monday - Friday
8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

If we receive complaints or observe an area of uncontrolled noxious weeds, we will send a Control Notice to the landowner of that property. The landowner will have 10 days to eliminate the problem weeds. If no action is taken by the landowner the Weed District will then use a Chemical spray to control the weeds and send a bill to the landowners.

The District may have grants available to help with the labor.