Special Transport Permit


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Check all boxes that apply to the permit

The following restriction must be observed AS REQUIRED BY LAW: C.R.S. 42-4-101 TO 42-4-1717 (2C.C.R.601-4)

  • Flagmen Required
  • Number
  • Wide Load Sign Front
  • Wide Load Sign Rear
  • Red Flags Displayed on Load
  • Pilot Car Ahead
  • Pilot Car Behind
  • Max. Speed Across Bridges, 10 M.P.H

If the requested permit is granted, the applicant agrees:

  1. To take every precaution to protect the highway and the traffic from damage or injury, using pilot cars or flagmen to warn the traveling public on all blind curves, both vertical and horizontal.
  2. In case of over-width of load, the same to be placed on the vehicle with the overhangs as far to the right as possible and in any event the material shall be loaded so as to present the minimum hazard to traffic.
  3. To be financially responsible and to make prompt payment for any damage caused to the traffic, to traffic lights, overhead signs, wires, cables and other installations or to the highway or bridges by the transportation of loads.
  4. That the operator of the vehicle is duly licensed according to statute.
  5. To operate the vehicle or vehicles at all times in accordance with any and all provisions of law, except as exempted herein, with regard to motor vehicles and the operation thereof.
  6. Except when a permit is requested and granted for over-weight, the undersigned applicant specifically states that the load is legal weight; He/she certifies that he/she understands and accepts all provisions of this permit.

THIS PERMIT NOT GOOD and becomes VOID during Blizzard, Heavy Snow, Dangerous Road Conditions, or Adverse Weather Limiting Sight Distance.

This Application, when issued by Dolores County, becomes the requested permit subject to the above conditions and with the understanding that, no liability is assumed by the County by reason of its issuance, in regard to conditions of roads or capacity of bridges, and the applicant is charged to make necessary examination and inspection as to the adequacy of road and bridges to care for the traffic movement. In case of emergency, the field officials of the County have authority to suspend this permit until emergency conditions has passed.

This Application and Permit is to be made out in duplicate, and both copies signed by both the Applicant and, if granted, by an Agent of Dolores County. The original is to be given to the Applicant; the second copy is to be retained by Dolores County.

Every such permit shall be carried in the vehicle or combination of vehicles to which it refers and shall be open to inspection by any police officer or authorized agent of any authority granting such permit. Applicant and operators hereby consent to law enforcement stops for inspection purposes.