The Dolores County Sheriff's Office (677-2257) and the Town of Dove Creek have contracted to provide law enforcement jointly. A 24-hour dispatch service is provided, with 16-hour through the courthouse and 8-hours from the officer's homes.

Regular patrols include State and County roads, parts of San Miguel County, national forest, and officers regularly assist other agencies from adjoining counties.

Dolores County is part of the 22nd Judicial District, which also includes Montezuma County to the south. A local justice of the peace handles small claims, small civil suits, marriages, fish and game violations, and traffic violations. A district judge handles the greater offenses. A district attorney is shared within the district, and the office is located in Cortez.

Don Wilson, Sheriff

Fax: (970)677-2880



Dolores County has a Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer stationed in Dove Creek. Dove Creek's Area Wildlife Manager is responsible principally for western Dolores County and southwestern San Miguel County - 677-2750.

The County has an active volunteer Search and Rescue organization. The group has regular training programs, and assists the Dolores County Sheriff's Office as needed with searches of rescues.

The County participates in the Federal Civil Defense and Homeland Security programs.

The nearest Colorado State Patrol Office is located in Cortez.

The Bureau of Land Management has a ranger, based in the Anasazi Heritage Center near the town of Dolores, who patrols BLM land near Dove Creek.

Emergency Enhanced 911 calling is available. Enhanced 911 allows the Sheriff's office to be notified of the address you're calling from without the person having to be able to speak.