Permit to Plow Dolores County Road


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Comes Now, the Permittee and Dolores County and contract for the issuance of this Permit to Plow County Road as follows:

The Permittee certifies that he/she has received a copy of and read the Dolores County Road Specifications and that all plowing activity will be conducted in such a manner as to insure that the roads at all times meet the Dolores County Road Specifications even before any work by Permittee then it shall be the responsibility of Permittee to obtain a written statement from the Dolores County Road Supervisor confirming the road dos not meet the specifications.

Permittee covenants that during the month of June, at the request of the Dolores County Road Supervisor that Permittee will provide gravel which meets the Road specifications to the Dolores County Road Department for application on the Plowed Road in a quantity sufficient, in the sole and unfettered opinion of the Dolores County Road Supervisor to repair any damage caused by Permittee's plowing activities in the immediately preceding winter season.

The Permittee, for so long as this permit is outstanding shall maintain insurance coverage's of the following amounts and types:

  1. Workers' Compensation Insurance and Disability Benefits Insurance shall be obtained in accordance with the law of the State of Colorado.
  2. Public Liability and Property Damage Insurance
    1. Public Liability Insurance: Not less than one million ($1,000,000) for injuries including accidental death to any one person, and subject to the same limit for each person, and in an amount not less than two million ($2,000,000) on account of one occurrence.
    2. Property Damage Insurance: Not less than two-hundred fifty thousand ($250,000) for damages on account of any one accident and in an amount not less than $250,000 for damages on account of all accidents.
  3. Owner's Protective Liability and Property Damage Insurance Not less than one million ($1,000,000) each to protect the County against any and all claims arising from the operations of the Permittee. Owner's Protective Liability Insurance policies should contain the following provisions.
    1. The presence of the County's agents and employees on the site of the work shall not invalidate the policy of insurance.
    2. The policy shall not be invalidated by reason of any violation of any of the terms of any policy issues to the Permittee.
  4. All policies of insurance required of the permittee, except Workers' Compensation and Disability Benefits, insuring, indemnifying and saving harmless the County of Dolores shall be endorsed naming the County of Dolores and its officers and employees and agents, as an ADDITIONAL INSURED ON A PRIMARY BASIS.
  5. Proof of Coverage of Insurance: The Permittee shall furnish the County of Dolores with certificates of all insurance, each of which shall contain the following provision: Such insurance shall not be cancelled, terminated, modified, or changed by either the Permittee or the insurance company, except on ten (10) days prior written notice sent by the insurance company via registered mail to the County of Dolores. Such notices shall be addressed to the Board of County Commissioners, Dolores County, P.O. Box 608 Dove Creek, Colorado

Permittee shall be solely responsible for any damages suffered by third party's (e.g., neighboring fences) as a result of the Permittee's plowing activity. Permittee shall hold BOCC harmless and indemnify BOCC from and against all claims arising out of, touching upon or alleging damages caused by Permittee.

Permittee understands and acknowledges that at any time if Permittee fails to comply with any one or more of the above terms and conditions that Dolores County may suspend this permit. In the event the County will consider suspending this permit the County will schedule a hearing for the next regularly scheduled meeting of the Board of County Commissioners to address the issues of whether or not the permit should be suspended, whether the permit should be reinstated and other issues about the permit that need to be addressed. The County shall send Permittee notice of the pending suspension and the scheduled date and time for the hearing on the Permit by placing same in the United States Mail, First Class Postage Pre-paid and addressed to the Permittee at the Permittee Address provided above.