Septic Application

How to Obtain an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System Permit

This is a brief list of the steps necessary to complete the permit process. More information on each step is below.

  1. Application
  2. Site Plan
  3. Soils Evaluation
  4. System Design by Engineer, Designer, or Owner
  5. Design Approval by DCBOH
  6. Final Inspection
  7. Final Permit Issued by DCBOH

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An application for an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (OWTS) permit must be completed clearly and accurately since this will be a legal document and part of a permanent record. This can be done at either the Dolores County Commissioners office or online at the Dolores County website. Note that an engineered system is required as well as a final inspection from the engineer and the Dolores County Septic Inspector.

The OWTS Permit Application fees are:

  • New system permit: $400
  • The state requires a $23.00 surcharge for each application, which is included in this fee
  • Repair/Alteration permit: $300

The Assessor's Parcel number, the site address, and the site plan are required to complete the application.

Paper applications and fees can be sent to the Dolores County Commissioners Office, 409 North Main Street, PO Box 608, Dove Creek, CO 81324.

A complete site evaluation and soil test must be performed to identify the treatment capabilities of the soil and to adequately size the system. Two, two foot by six foot deep pit will be dug around the area where the field will be constructed, and the Dolores County Board of Health Inspector will examine this pit to identify soil types. This soil test is also a factor in determining if an engineer is necessary to submit the design.

Septic systems may need to be designed by a Professional Engineer (PE) when adverse site conditions such as fast or slow percolating soil, high seasonal ground water, shallow bedrock, steep slopes, or setback complications are encountered.

Once the design is approved, an "Authorization to Construct" will be issued specifying details of the OWTS being installed and any notes to the installer. The Contractor can then begin installing your system.

When construction of the OWTS is complete, but not yet backfilled, the applicant or contractor must contact the Dolores County Board of Health Inspector to request a final inspection. This request must be made at least 2 full days in advance of the expected/desired inspection date.

After the system passes the inspection, it can be covered and the ground graded as noted in the design. Once complete, the Dolores County Board of Health Inspector will perform a final inspection.

The Dolores County Board of Health Inspector will review all documentation and photos on the system. If everything complies, a final permit will be issued.

Contact Dolores County Septic Inspector Julie Kibel at 970-394-5718 to schedule an inspection appointment.