Public Service Center Meeting Room Use Request


This meeting room is available to non-profit entities and organizations to be used for meetings, trainings, and community benefited activities. Scheduling of the room is on a first come, first served basis through the Dolores County Commissioner's office, subject to approval of use by the County.

Kitchen facilities may be used only if a county employee is present. Any paper products or utensils must be provided by the user.

A key must be checked out from the Public Service Center for after hour meetings, and returned the first business day following the meeting, along with the checklist or a cost for the key will be administered.

For meetings held during the day, this is a working facility, and there could be possible distractions. Be mindful of those working at the PSC and keep doors closed and conversations inside the meeting room and not in the hallway.

Please check with our IT department (Keith Keesling) or the ladies at the PSC to make sure you have the proper hook ups to use our TVs or projectors for presentations. It is NOT our responsibility to help you make things work.

The County reserves the right to deny use of the facility for any reason and to reschedule previously scheduled use in the event of an emergency or other overriding reason in the best interest of the citizens of the County. The County further reserves the right to require a deposit to cover potential cleaning or repair expense.

The responsible person using the meeting room must meet with the custodian of the building and do a walk through prior to the scheduled meeting, and after all tasks below are completed.

Use the following checklist and initial all tasks completed and return the form along with the key to the Public Service Center. Thank you for your cooperation